Our Story

The Hall Family

When the Halls’ youngest daughter was 11 months old her mother Kim fed her scrambled eggs with cheese. She immediately went into anaphylactic shock and a call to 911 saved her life. Just a trace amount of dairy, eggs or nuts can (and have) placed her in a life threatening situation. Severe food allergies have dictated the Halls’ life. Which schools were equipped to keep her safe, which parties were serving pizza and cake, which restaurants would commit to preparing an allergen-free meal and which flights would agree not to serve nuts. Five years later, their older daughter was diagnosed with an allergy to fruits and vegetables which is exacerbated by a severe and debilitating allergy to pollen. She can barely venture outside when the Spring is in full bloom without an asthma attack.

This is no way to live, one bite or breath away from danger and potential disaster.


The Bates Family

When the Bates’ daughter was three months old, she broke out in eczema all over her body. The pediatrician told us she was likely on the “allergy march” to food allergies, pollen allergies and asthma. At three years-old a trace of egg sent her to the Emergency Room. At nine years-old, a trace of nuts in green beans resulted in the use of epinephrine to treat anaphylaxis and resulted in another trip to the Emergency Room. Our reality is a constant, detailed, focus on making sure every bite is safe.


How We Started

Kim and Elise met at a local food allergy meeting in 2013. They were sitting next to each other during a group discussion. Having never spoken, they passed a note, which said, “but I want a cure NOW!”

This discussion grew and a year later, Kim, Elise and their families founded End Allergies Together to accelerate the pace of research for food allergy solutions. Through their efforts, what began as a note on a piece of paper has grown into a charitable organization solely committed to funding research.


E•A•T Was Founded on Three Principles: