Food allergies have held me back from a lot and still do. If I want to go to my friends house after school and I don’t have my allergy kit well that means I just cant go. If I want to go to a friend’s birthday party I have to bring my own food, which makes me feel different and I don’t like that. I would love to see a cure for food allergies because I always have that risk of eating something I am allergic to and therefore have a traumatic experience. If there was a cure I could live like any other kid. Food allergies make me feel like I’m different and that really bothers me. When someone finds out I’m allergic to something like milk they will say “What? You cannot eat chocolate or ice cream! Wow you are really missing out.” Hearing that I just say “I know I probably am.” but inside I am feeling why did I have to have food allergies? Having a cure would change my life in many ways.
My pollen allergies are unbearable. They are made worse by my food allergies to fruit and vegetables. In the spring time I can't concentrate in school, I can't go outside and I can't play sports. Food allergies are impacting millions of children and adults across the country. Lindsay, my sister, faces severe food allergies. She is cautious when it comes to eating. If one child touches her lunch at school it could cause her to have an allergic reaction. If every child in the world could be cured, and have their allergies disappear, it would be amazing and life changing. Knowing that you can eat anything you want, and not fearing that the food contains an allergen that you cannot tolerate, makes you feel safe. If a cure is found, no child will be classified as “that girl/boy who has allergies.
I want a cure because my sister will feel safe. She won’t have to read every ingredient and ask every person if a food is ok for her. And she will be happy. I really love my sister.
I don't want people to think of me because of what I can't eat. I play hockey, I read, I'm a good friend and sister, I love to laugh, I love games and playing with my family. Having allergies is hard and it makes me worry a lot. I go to places and I have to ask everyone everything about any food there. I have to bring my own treats and food to places and parties and I am missing out on a lot of great food. I want to be a cook when I'm older and food allergies are discouraging me from my dream. If there was a cure, I would take it right away and be the happiest person ever!