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  • DoYour17 to help the 17 million Americans with food allergies!
  • Do anything (yes, anything!) 17 times and ask friends and family to sponsor you.
  • Create, find or donate to a DO17 fundraiser here
  • Watch the DoYour17 Video
The Burnet's are playing 17 holes of golf for their granddaughters with food allergies
Amanda and her team are cycling 17 miles for their friends with food allergies
Norm is free falling for 17 seconds for everyone affected by food allergies

Do Your 17 of anything! Shoot 17 baskets • Walk 17 laps around the park • Run a 17k • Build 17 stories out of blocks • Dance for 17 minutes • Hug 17 friends • Read 17 chapters • Go on a 17 mile bike ride • Play 17 holes of golf • Write a 17 line poem •••

Let's find a cure so our kids can just E•A•T