EAT was launched in May 2015 with one urgent goal:
to accelerate treatments and cures for the growing food allergy epidemic.

Advance scientific and medical research to accelerate diagnostics, treatments, cures and prevention of food allergy

  • understand underlying immune mechanisms
  • determine genetic and epigenetic factors of food allergy prevalence
  • discover role of microbiome in food allergy
  • understand basic biology to surface key targets for breakthrough treatments
  • identify and accelerate short-term therapies to increase quality of life in patient subsets


Two families, both affected by food allergies, started E.A.T after the striking realization that little public or private funds were being invested to solve the life-threatening condition. E.A.T was created to address this gap.

“Today, we can’t accurately diagnose food allergies, we don’t know why the epidemic is growing, and we don’t know what happens in our body that triggers anaphylaxis to food proteins. We can’t cure something we don’t fundamentally understand. Major investments in basic science are critical.” Elise Bates, President, E.A.T”


Promising. We fund the most promising research to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected.

Diversified. We invest in a diversified portfolio to increase the chance of seeding breakthroughs.

Collaborative. We strongly encourage cooperative research efforts so that work is not conducted in a silo, but instead, builds on best thinking, technology, laboratory infrastructure, sample sources, and science.

Objective. We have an objective Medical Advisory Board to assess research efforts globally and across disease states.