We have put together some of our favorite resources across the Internet in one place. We wish we’d had this when our children / we were diagnosed! Check back as we continue to update.

Please always remember: if you have been diagnosed with a food allergy of any kind, always carry epinephrine, use it immediately if you suspect anaphylaxis, and call 911. Benadryl does NOT stop anaphylaxis.

Resources Created By E●A●T

Give and Go

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of anaphylaxis

Spell It Out

Because food allergies can happen to anyone at anytime


Signs and symptoms
Be S.A.F.E action guide

Early Food Introduction Guidelines
What the guidelines mean
New guidelines to know

Eating Out
Guide to Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

Emergency Action Plans
Downloadable form

Emotional Support
Land of Can
Food Allergy Coaching

Epinephrine Products

Food Allergen Labeling and Guides
Safe Snack Guide
Food Labels and Best Practices

Food Allergy Statistics
Facts and figures
Allergy fast facts

Issues and Advocacy
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Civil Rights Advocacy

Online Support / Interest Groups
No Nuts Moms – All Food Allergies Welcome
Food allergy treatment talk
App for Food Allergies
Food allergy and food system advocacy
Research in Eosinophil Associated Diseases (READ)

School Resources
Host a Red Sneaker Day
School Food Allergy Curriculum
School Management Resources